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Irina Thiery, Founder, Producer: Irina pursued her college education in the US, at the University of Southern Maine. After graduation, she moved to Boston, where she had been working in a variety of advertising agencies and television stations. For the past 7 years, she has been a producer for Stable Productions, a leading production company based in Boston, where she has been producing programming for broadcast and corporate use. Irina’s clients include the Public Broadcasting System (PBS), Harvard Law School, Harvard Business School, Gillette, Rebook, Fidelity Investments, and many others. In Romania, Irina produced a TV series of 6 episodes “From The States”, sold to the private TV station Antena 1, describing every aspect of the American life from the Romanian emigrant’s prospective. She also produced several videos for diferent NGOs and for RoEduNet, the national education and research network. Among the most important documentaries that she created, is the first Romanian documentary about breastfeeding, “Audacity of Breastfeeding” aired on the National TV station TVR1, followed by “Audacity of Childbirth” and “Audacity of Child-rearing.”