Communication Strategies

In today’s complex and competitive business world, lucid, effective communication is essential. It is the foundation on which companies and careers are built.
Whether the audience is an entire organization or a single individual, effective communication requires bringing together different points of view and relaying that information without losing clarity or focus. It is very important that you have a clear profile:

Market Position: your place on the market

Mission: Building Brand Culture Trust

Strengths: - Brand Marketing: brand Positioning, New Product Introductions, Special Events, Media Relations, Sponsorships, Collateral, Digital services,

Promotions: - Cause Branding: Brand positioning, Corporate social responsibilities, Signature cause programs, Public/Private partnership, Strategic Philanthropy, Community relations, Employee communications and volunteerism.
- Issues and Crisis Management: Risk assessment, Incident Response, Crisis plan Development, Crisis simulation, Media training, Issues management, Strategy & execution, Media & internet monitoring "dark" web sites.

Your objectives should be to:

  • Drive interest in to try on "x" product
  • Create a brand personality for "x" product
  • Develop and mobilize a network of influencers who will become brand ambassadors and recommend "x" products to their friends and clients


1. Create a unified platform that will support the brand personality of "x"

2. Focus on the benefits of the brands- convenient, easy-to-use, etc.

3. Utilize a two-pronged approach to reach audiences via 1:1 marketing and targeted media relations

  • Current brand users: who currently utilize ‘x’products –focused on 1:
  • Any other types of users: who want to be educated about the products - media focused

4. Ongoing consistent Media outreach:

  • Consistently maintain contact with key editors at target outlets - consumer, trade and vertical
  • Develop deep one-on-one relationships with all key editors to constantly mine for opportunities -utilize phone, email, mail
  • Develop key points of proactive outreach throughout the year - holiday entertaining, seasonal events
  • Maximize all proactive and reactive opportunities: new products, societal context, executive announcements, trade and industry news

5. The power of One: World of mouth (WOM) marketing and the impact of influencers. Did you know that 2/3 of the US economy is influenced by WOM?

  • Personal experience counts a lot.
  • 91% of the public would be likely to use a product or service recommended by someone who had used it themselves.
  • 62% recommended by someone who had heard or read good things about the product.
  • 60% by an employee saying good things about company’s products
  • 50% by someone who was given an incentive to introduce the product to you.

Lion Productions suggests two primary ways for successful word of mouth:

1. Mass Communications Efforts

Communicator uses channels such as traditional Media, Media relations, Events/Stunts, or Mobile/Telecom with goals to raise general awareness or singular consumer behavior, and the best used is sending messages to thousands or millions.

2. Influencer Communication Efforts

Communicator uses channels such as targeted emails and mailings, or telephone partnerships with goals to encourage preference and loyalty, to foster intimate relationships, to generate feedback, to identify additional marketing opportunities, to empower advocates, and to engage in activities and communicate with others, and the best used is identify target and activate brand advocates.

Word of mouth communicators are:

  • Mega Influencers: celebrities, athletes and highly visible professionals that have considerable influence, personal networks, and reach within a particular category
  • Specialized Stakeholder groups: community or professional organizations that have a greater likelihood of influencing larger groups of like-minded stakeholders
  • Consumer Advocates: consumers who have identified themselves as brand loyalists and are willing to endorse brand to other consumers
  • Consumers: the entire universe of consumer targets based on marketing objectives