Development Videos

  • Mergers & acquisitions are two of the most important drivers in increasing the need for internal communication in both buying and target companies.
  • Through our collaborative planning process, Lion’s development video helps you develop your non-profit or venture campaign
    1. Mergers and acquisitions
    2. Public/private partnerships
    3. Non-profit and venture capital campaigns

One of the most effective ways to mount a capital campaign is with a dedicated development video. By allowing viewers to see, hear, and experience your story, you are more likely to attract them to your cause. The efficient marriage of images, words, and music can touch hearts and minds, moving people and persuading them that your organization is worthy of support.

Lion Productions has worked with many non-profit groups and charitable organizations to help get their messages out. There's no better way to attract interest in your cause than by connecting them with your goals through video.


"Lion Productions moves donors both intellectually and emotionally enough to make them write out checks!", John K., Harvard Law School

"I've worked on similar projects, but nothing this realistic and emotional. Thank you very much for your dedication, enthusiasm, and professionalism. The audience was really touched by your movie and we've raised way beyond our expectations during the evening of the screening." A. Miller, Harvard Law School.

"We've recommended Lion in the past, and we'll recommend them in the future with no hesitation." K. Ozier

"Thank you Lion for helping us reach our 20 Million dollar Capital Campaign." Wertmer, Hamilton College.

Lion Productions helps you raise the money you need. Whether it’s been for community projects, health care institutions, non-profit organizations, corporations, medical facilities, schools, retirement homes, religious groups and other organizations around the world church buildings, arts or history organizations, Lion applies the fundamental principles of effective and ethical fund raising to make you a winner.

Lion applies the art of storytelling to the fund-raising toolkit. Since raising money is essentially about creating than deepening relationships between people, the use of the personal story is often a perfect fit.

Lion begins with a careful analysis of an organization's past, present, and future goals, and then works with its clients to create a program that turns that strategy into its ultimate goal.

Here's how: Video has the ability to deliver your fundraising message with consistency and creativity over and over again.

Here's why: Lion Productions' specialty is fundraising video and film production. Our previous fundraising and capital campaign videos were proven financially successful, even in the most competitive philanthropic environment.