Educational Videos

Lion has extensive experience in the educational sector. Lion knows that the educational process requires a strong development of interpersonal communication. These educational videos rely heavily on strong teaching techniques, with a flexible, entertaining delivery, while engaging your audience and hold their attention. Lion’s research process involves analyzing your audience's learning needs and development materials that are relevant to creating an educational foundation.

Many of you were once teachers at various levels, and you know that preaching to an audience can put them to sleep, or simply turn them off. You need an educational video that can speak with your audience...not at them.

Who should use educational video productions?

The Communications, Development, and Admission Departments of:

  • Kindergartens
  • Elementary Schools
  • High Schools
  • Colleges/ Universities

Professional DVD Package

Your video quality and longevity is only as good as the DVD media it is recorded on.  For this reason, we use high quality DVD recordable media and direct-print labeling technology to ensure that your DVD lasts.  Because we do not use paper labels on your DVDs, your memories are not susceptible to poorly affixed paper labels or peeling.  Our DVD packages give you full color printing on the DVD face as well as the DVD cover insert in our professional DVD keep case like the ones used for commercial DVDs.

What for?

Capital Campaigns

Is your plan to revitalize the curriculum, invest in programs and people, change the enrollment profile, upgrade and expand facilities, and raise additional external support? Is the university's goal to reach national recognition for regional excellence?

Lion helps you achieve all that creating the best educational video campaign for your institution! With Lion, your video is fueled by the aspirations of your students and the needs of your state, while highlighting the talent of your faculty and staff. Lion Productions will make many donors identify your institution as a place where an investment in endowment will produce returns that will have a tremendous and lasting impact on the economic vitality and quality of life of the region.

Student Orientation

Orientation is the first step in an amazing journey. If you can’t attend your orientation program, don’t worry, because Lion offers you the educational video that will teach you everything you need to know about the school or college/university you are about to attend and the resources that can help you succeed academically. Lion’s video will also help you meet new friends, and learn about the campus life because, after all, life is not just about studying and homework.

Orientation is for parents too!
Watching the Orientation Video, parents will be able to better understand the university environment and services, enhance parental awareness of issues facing college students, and learn about opportunities to support and interact with their son and daughters while attending college.

Lion’s orientation student video provides a great overview to new students who want to get a taste of the institution’s culture!

Attracting more Students

Is your school, college/university losing student to other schools? Lion produces the educational video that you need to show students the unparalleled opportunities they have by attending your institution, an energizing and intellectually stimulating environment. Lion can illustrate the diversity of your institution in students’ backgrounds, perspectives, and viewpoints. The educational video can also include an overview of the internships available through your institution, and can also serve as a great guide to prospective students to see the courses and programs of study of the institution, as well as the wide variety of extracurricular activities.


After much hard work and pursuit, this special accomplishment has finally come. Whether it is for high school or college, a professionally developed graduation video is the perfect gift to share with friends and family. What better way to share the early years of your special graduates life than with a Lion’s compilation of photos, ceremony and set to music.