Entertainment Videos

Lion Productions can put together every aspect of your TV production, from the show opening and graphics to music or narration to having our team actually edit the piece.

Lion Productions can even film or tape the footage, write the scripts, and find the talent for you

Lion’s extensive experience in TV production, from producing Boomers, Redefining Life after Fifty, a series for PBS for which we followed a retired couple from Seattle, WA moving to Rusesti Noi, a little village outside of Chisinau, Moldova to Din State, a TV series about what it takes to live the American Dream, and to all of our corporate video productions has enabled us to take on a feature film “Spaghetti versus Lasagna.”

Lion Productions can take care of your media placement needs, as well as finding stations and using our connections to Distribute it on prime channels at great rates.

Lion Productions can simply help you with every facet of developing, producing, marketing, and advertising just about anything in the world of design, video, and animation.

Lion Productions has traveled the globe creating compelling TVprogramming for broadcasters such as PBS, Discovery, or other national TV stations, to name just a few.

At the center of a successful program must be a good story. Whether we're flying with a bush pilot above the South American rainforest for Discovery, directing a multi-camera live shoot of a young plastic artist prodigy or interviewing a presidential candidate in the US, Lion Productions captures the world at home and abroad with drama and flair, comedy and style.

Video News Release (VNR)

A video news release is designed to tell your story in the format of a TVnews story. A VNR is written, shot and edited into a story under two minutes in length, then provided to TVstations. These stories must be timely, eye-catching and of interest to the general public.