Training Videos

Lion’s staff immerses itself into your business model. When you are training your staff, Lion knows that it's important to have a video that gets into your audience's head, and talks to them in languages and specifics that they will be accustomed to hearing around the workplace. The result is a training video that they will be remembering on the job, whether to maximize their own potential or to protect their own safety.

In order to keep your staff motivated, you will need to find ways to teach them new skills in an interactive and cost effective manner. This is where a training or instructional video becomes essential. A Lion’s video helps your people visualize important points such as how your business might expect an employee to act in a certain situation or to show an overview of a piece of machinery or a production process. Instructional/Training videos are self-explanatory but can be used to teach your employees.

Team Building Videos

As the name suggests these team building videos teach people the importance of teamwork for a successful work environment. As an example from previous projects, Lion has successfully described the necessity of teamwork by showing working best practice environments.

Health and Safety Videos

H&S videos are key to your business, as any company whether SME or Blue Chip needs to address this issue directly to their staff. The Health and Safety video should provide information, training, instruction and supervision so that employees are safe. Video is a very effective way of conveying messages across enabling your employees to witness reconstructions and walkthrough of possible accidents in the work area. A walkthrough could be about what to do if someone slips on a wet floor or if a firebreak out, etc.

Training videos do not have to be dull, should not end up with a voice-over sounding as if he/she is delivering a lecture, should be interesting, informative and enjoyable to watch. The whole idea of producing a training video is that using this form of media is more compelling, memorable and interesting than other forms of training.

The benefit of this training medium is that it can avoid expensive and time-consuming human resources for live training, seminar days, and outsourcing to training companies.

Lion Productions uses a wide range of resources to make your training video more entertaining - from professional actors "as seen on TV..." to using your own staff members as actors or presenters which often interests other staff viewers and makes it all the more memorable. Lion Productions can film on location at your site or offices to add realism and a personal touch to the video.

Lion Productions offers script writing services so that your information is put into a language and format that makes it as accessible as possible. Our director and producer for your project will develop the script from start to finish in close consultation with you. Lion’s producer will then give you ideas from other projects of different styles and types of presentation, giving you a wide range of samples of voice-overs and ensuring that you are perfectly happy with your final edit.