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Hammer of Thor: It’s Nothing But a Big, Fat Lie!

Low sex drive is one of the most common sex problems among men nowadays. Even men at a young age are also facing this terrible sex condition. Not many people know that a crucial hormone, testosterone, plays a large role in the male libido. Men without enough of this anabolic steroid hormone often suffer from reduced sex drive, erectile dysfunction (ED), or less firm erections, which altogether can take a serious toll on a man’s sex life. In order to have a sizzling sex life, many men these days are increasingly turning to testosterone boosters or male enhancement pills without knowing the fact that most of those randomly bought supplements contain harmful chemicals that can have devastating effects on their health.

If you search online, you will find an endless amount of shortcuts, such as testosterone boosters, sex enhancement pills, electro-shocking gadgets etc. that claim to give a significant boost to your libido and penis enlargement with minimal effort. Hammer of Thor is one such supplement that promises to increase the size of your manhood and your sexual performance in no time. But the truth is that this product is a scrap!

Say NO to Hammer of Thor

There are a number of men out there who are having very low testosterone level in their body and seeking quick fixes for their sex problems. Are you also suffering from low sex drive and taking Hammer of Thor pills to perk up your bedroom romance? If yes, then we strongly suggest you to stop taking these pills immediately as they may turn your sex life into a tragic nightmare. Yes, you heard it right guys. Hammer of Thor as a male enhancement supplement can never help you to get rid of your sexual problems. In fact, taking this fake supplement can worsen things beyond your imagination.

You must be wondering how! Let me tell you the reason. If you search for these pills over the internet you will find a number of websites, with all claiming to be the original dealers of this supplement. Surprisingly, no website provides manufacturing license number or registration number, or shares contact address. More shockingly, some online dealers say the Hammer of Thor capsules are originally from Malaysia, some says from Indonesia while others say it is manufactured in USA.

Word from Manufacturer

Hammer of Thor pills are marketed as one sure shot formula for all sexual problems. The manufacturer also claims supplement is based on a herbal formula and clinically proven to deliver instant results. According to the makers, the Hammer of Thor supplement contains such top quality organic ingredients as Ashwagandha (Indian ginseng), Shilajit and Safed Musli. All these Ayurvedic ingredients are renowned for their ability to increase a man’s sexual drive and performance and boost muscle energy. With such a powerful blend of natural elements, Hammer of Thor may seem to many a trustworthy product. But wait! Don’t be hooked by the company’s claims and promises, as they all are dubious! The company claims their supplement combines many clinically-tested organic ingredients but, shockingly, has listed only one of them on the bottle.

Another false and misleading claim associated with this product is that it is “100% safe” and “organic” and that it gives maximum boost to a man’s sex drive without any side effects. However, the truth is that Hammer of Thor capsules’ hidden ingredients may result in adverse consequences. If you browse the internet to search for Hammer of Thor capsules you will see a number of websites advertising these pills by posting before and after pictures of their users, and providing special offers as well. But, in reality, these are the marketing strategy of the dealers to lure buyers. So be careful and aware of such fraudulent claims and offers.

Hammer of Thor capsules are worthless and never fulfill what they promise. If you or any of your known is tempted by this libido booster, then our strong advice to you is to simply drop the idea of buying this scrap supplement. Those who are already taking Hammer of Thor pills should immediately stop using them in order to be safe from unwanted reactions and dangerous side effects that might be caused by these capsules. If you still consider taking up this fake libido booster, all you will lose is your hard-earned money. Believe it or not, at the end of the day you will feel cheated. You can see many online reviews of people who used this supplement and got disappointed with the results. One genuine and honest review about the Hammer of Thor capsules is available at We hope this will help you to gain more information about this fake supplement. Our final verdict is, Hammer of Thor is clearly a fraud and it does not work at all!