Video Productions

The whole concept of corporate video or development video, or even academic video, may be new to you, or it may seem like a simple process that anyone can do. After all, you just cut together a few pictures or edit a couple of minutes of footage with a piece of music you like, and that’s your video production. But the key question you should ask yourself:

  • Is your video production a winner?
  • Does it give you the goose bumps?
  • Does it make you feel anything, like nostalgic or does it make you laugh, does it make you donate some money for a cause, or does it prompt you to invest in a house, land, or business acquisition?

Lion’s video productions are geared towards motivation and emotion, because that’s what audiences remember about media video productions. Through our video productions and our creative ideas, your message to the audience is unique and memorable.

It is a fact that the human brain absorbs fifty percent more information through visual and sound medium than any other medium. People prefer to watch video than read. The power of a video production as a business-marketing tool is trivial: full-screen video, full-bodied audio, and the ability to immerse your target market into your message. Lion Productions recognizes this by offering the best combination of video with music and narration to enhance your communication with your audience.

We provide complete in-house video productions from concept, script writing, filming, to editing, motion graphics animation. Whether delivered on DVD, VHS, CD-ROM, or through the web, Lion Productions has embarked upon a wide array of projects.

One of the benefits of using a Lion’s video production is that having full in-house audio-video production capabilities and international experience, we produce excellent value for our client’s money, within very short deadlines. Our rates are always competitive for the standard of quality work that we hold ourselves to.
We know that every project has a budget and we can make it work. We have offices in Boston, USA and Bucharest, Romania.